Below you can find answers to the questions that we receive frequently from our guests. If you have additional questions please use the contact us in the menu above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the CCGA Meal Plan Mandatory? How do I pay for it?

If you are a student who lives on campus, yes a meal plan is mandatory per the residential contract. You can  review your meal plan options here: https://ccga.edudine.com/meal-plans/

Plan A (19 meals per week) is the default meal plan loaded to your account.  You have the opportunity to change your meal plan while Meal Plan selection is open during the first 14 calendar days of Fall and Spring semesters. Your selection can be made in the portal during that time.   

Students can select their meal plan in the portal on the main screen after logging in.  There is a button which says “Meal Plan Selection” under the Academic Summary

If I don’t live on campus, am I required to buy a meal plan?

No, however it is encouraged that all commuter students do purchase a meal plan. Below are some options to choose from:


Commuter Meal Plans may be purchased in the Bursar’s Office (In the Andrews Center)

Can I purchase a meal plan anytime during the year?

Residential Meal Plans are placed on accounts by move-in day and default to Plan A (the 19 meals per week plan).  Commuter Meal Plans can be purchased at any time during the semester.  NOTE: Unused meal swipes are forfeited at the end of each week.  

When will meal plan charges post to my account?

Residential Meal Plan charges are placed on accounts by move-in day.  Commuter plans are paid for at the time of purchase.   

When does my meal plan start?

Your plan starts on the first day of classes, and ends on the last day of finals.

Where can I use my meal plan swipes?

If you have a Residential Student, Commuter Student, or Faculty/Staff meal plan, your MAC ID card will be swiped as you enter the dining facility, and one all-you-care-to-eat meal will be deducted from your plan. It’s as simple as that!

Can I use my meal swipes for a guest if they want to dine with me?

Yes, you can! You may bring a guest and use your meal swipes in one of our dining locations

Do I have to use one swipe per every meal, or can I swipe twice for lunch and twice for dinner one day if I chose too?

You may now use your swipes throughout the week at your discretion. They do not have to be used at a certain time or meal. Once Residential swipes are all used for the week, they will start over the following week.

Are my meal swipes available to use at Dockside Deli?

Yes, they can be used for a $4.50 credit towards your purchase.

Can I take food to go, or is dine in the only option?

You may use one of you meal swipes to take food to go. If you are dining in, that will count as your meal swipe for that meal. If you want to take a meal to go, another swipe will be used. You have the opportunity to purchase one of our eco-friendly clamshells for $6.50, and use it throughout the semester when you want to take items to go. You can bring your clamshell back to the dining hall and swap it for a new one. You can even turn it in at the end of the semester and get your $6.50 back!

How will I know what the menu options are?

You can check Mariner’s Galley menu for every meal by clicking the link below and checking it often:


What happens if I don’t use all of my Dining Dollars by the end of the semester?

Dining Dollars are included in select meal plans and can be used at any Mariner’s Galley or Dockside Deli. The MAC card will be swiped when you enter Mariner’s or Dockside Deli, and the price of the meal being served will be deducted from your Dining Dollars account. Your balance stays on your account until the end of the spring semester.